Studying at Iwatacho Campus. Duration of study: 2 years.

Nursing training equipment designated by the Ministry of Labor Security.

Certified by the Disability Sports Association.

New generation of Nursing Professionals!

Khoa Điều dưỡng phúc lợi

03 special features of Nursing Care And Welfare Department

Train and support each student closely!

Every 4 students will be in charged by 1 teacher, this helps students feel secure, easily ask many questions, master knowledge, have a good environment to study and prepare for exams.

Đào tạo, hỗ trợ sát sao từng sinh viên

Learn important office skills!

This is a highlight only at OBC! Because OBC is a business college, students will be trained in important skills in business such as office computer skills, communication skills to be more convenient in their future work.

Học tập các kỹ năng trong doanh nghiệp thực tế

Continue to learn advanced Japanese!

Because OBC is a general college, international students will continue to improve their Japanese language skills along with specialized subjects with the goal of being both good at Japanese and good at their jobs after graduation.

Học tập cùng nhiều sinh viên quốc tế

Progress after graduation - Degrees

Outstanding Achievement

The rate of getting a job in the right industry after graduation reaches 100%. The teachers at OBC will support, guide and learn about working places with each student.

Main Degree

National Diploma of Nursing Professional.

This is the most important qualification for the nursing profession. Holders of this National Degree have job content, remuneration and better career development opportunities later, in addition, it will be more convenient to change jobs and apply for a permanent residence visa in Japan.

The qualifications are only supported from OBC!

- Using information technology office.

- By supporting sports athletes with disabilities.

- Degree in Customer Service, Business Etiquette.

Làm đúng ngành nghề sau khi tốt nghiệp đạt 100%


- Team leader of facilities department

- Nursing office management

- Nurses

- Care manager

- Nursing instructor

Message from Alumni

"Communication skills are extremely important in building a relationship of mutual trust!"

Friend Yuko Yamazaki – Nursing staff

Graduated in 2019

Working at Oumegumi Social Welfare Organization

Yuko Yamazaki

The main content of my job is to support, take care, play as well as assess the health status of the elderly. I am very satisfied and feel meaningful with my current job because I help and bring happiness to many elderly people.

The work helps me become a useful person to society and receive many thanks from everyone. I also get a lot of help from my colleagues in developing my skills to better serve people with disabilities.

Yuko Yamazaki

I am very grateful to the teachers who have taught me because most of the practical jobs after graduation have been studied and trained well when I was still a student.

In addition to being taught about nursing knowledge, I also learned about etiquette and how to use words in communication. This helps me a lot when working with my superiors and is loved by everyone.

The teachers have taught me to understand the importance of communication in work as well as in life. When I went to practice, I realized that the most important thing in nursing is to build a relationship of mutual trust.

Yuko Yamazaki

"I have learned and understood that if you strive to the end, one day you will succeed!"

Friend Yuka Nakata – Nursing staff

Graduatied in 2020

Working at Wakamiyaen nursing home

Yuka Nakata

As a nursing staff, the most important thing is to bring customers joy and peace of mind when coming to us. I always try to care and support each person, one by one, in the most thoughtful way.

At first, I didn't know much about customer information, so I had to try to communicate, learn the client's personality, preferences and difficulties in order to create a specific care plan for each person. Every time a customer trusts me, smiles at me, I feel so warm and meaningful.

At OBC, I not only learned nursing skills but also learned important skills for building good working relationships such as communication. In addition, in order to prepare for the national exam, my teachers always encouraged me that "If you try your best, you can do it", this encouragement I still remember until now.

I will try to apply what I have learned at OBC and make more and more efforts to help and serve customers better.

Yuka Nakata

Study method at OBC

Take advantage of the strength of being a general college, a bespoke curriculum that trains students with practical nursing skills and more!

Các môn chuyên môn bắt buộc< Compulsory subjects
Giờ học luyện thi Exam preparation time
Môn học chuyên biệt tự chọn Elective special subjects
Đào tạo kỹ năng, nghi thức trong kinh doanh Training skills and etiquette in business

Typical subjects

Luận văn hóa phúc lợi Nhật Bản

Thesis on Japanese welfare culture

Study and understand Japanese etiquette and culture in life support, how to communicate with the elderly and people with disabilities.

Nhập môn trị liệu bằng âm nhạc

Music therapy

Learn the basics of the history, definition of methods of using music in therapy.

Student's Voice

"Learning how to bring smiles to customers + other skills. I chose to study at the school because OBC is located right in the city center, so it is very convenient to go to school and work part-time. There are also many interesting classes. like Make-up for the elderly, Gardening, Music therapy etc. I want to enjoy and experience a lot while I am a student and I want to become a good nurse practitioner in the future that can bring smiles to my face. smile, customer satisfaction". (Friend Suzuna Katayama)

Suzuna Katayama

Study route at Department Of Nursing Care And Welfare

Lộ trình Khoa Điều dưỡng phúc lợi

Other specialized faculty at OBC